RMI Academy offers HEVs training

RMI Academy offers HEVs training

It’s only a matter of time before HEVs become commonplace in the workshop, and these high voltage vehicles pose some serious health and safety risks. The RMI Academy is offering several courses to help you keep up with the changing technology and its safety requirements.

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Awareness and Safety

This half-day course is delivered at your premises and is suitable for technicians and apprentices with a limited experience or understanding of hybrid vehicles (HVs). No prior knowledge or experience is required.

The RMI brings a car and trainer to you, and covers aspects such as:

  • How to correctly identify suitable sources of information before working on a HV
  • How to correctly identify high voltage cabling and components
  • How to correctly identify AC and DC voltage systems
  • How to correctly identify a vehicle’s high voltage status pre, during, and post-service
  • The procedures followed before removing/disarming HV safety devices

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Maintenance Level 2

This two-day course, based at one of IGA’s regional academies, is suitable for technicians who maintain and repair HEVs, possessing appropriate skills at level 2. The course covers the skills and knowledge required to work safely around a vehicle’s high and low voltage electrical system and electric drivetrain system. Topics include:

  • HEV system components and operation, including the construction and function of battery cells, electronic motors, and associated high energy electrical components
  • The hazards surrounding HEVs
  • How to reduce risk when working on HEVs
  • How to safely prepare a vehicle when carrying out routine maintenance on HEVs (not high voltage components or systems)
  • How to work safely on a HEV (not high voltage components or systems)

Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Repair Level 3

This three-day, level 3 qualification also takes place at an academy, and is suitable for technicians who diagnose faults and carry out repair and replacements on HEVs, qualified to a minimum of level 3 in Vehicle Repair and Maintenance and/or equivalent. Topics include:

  • The correct methods for shutting down and isolating high voltage systems
  • The correct measurement procedures and approved tools
  • The layout and construction of HEV drive powertrain systems and the identification of key components
  • Principles of high voltage battery construction, management, and monitoring systems
  • The design, construction, and operating principles of three-phase brushless motor/generator systems
  • The control systems required for efficient operation, and methods of electrical rectification and regulation
  • The transmission system operating principles of current HVs
  • The diagnosis of system faults and monitoring of live data using suitable diagnostic equipment

Hybrid/Electric Level 3 Conversion Course

Where staff have attended a level 2 course within the last two years, we also offer a two-day conversion to a level 3 course. This revisits the level 2 and carries straight onto the level 3 element.

For more information and to book a course, click here.

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