Ring outlines areas to upsell

Ring outlines areas to upsell

Ring Automotive encourages readers to look beyond batteries, bulbs and blades when it comes to winter upselling.

Despite rain, wind and generally miserable weather being a given in the UK, it’s common for many drivers to be unprepared for the winter months. This allows workshops the opportunity to upsell winter products that customers may not have considered.

There is usually a focus on the three Bs, bulbs, blades and batteries, but what about everything else drivers may need in winter? Yes, the three Bs should be a focus, but they shouldn’t be the only product groups to sell. There are other aspects to consider when selling a battery for instance, such as a jump starter or charger to prolong its life in the future.

Ring outlines areas to upsell

Smart chargers

Batteries can be negatively impacted by the cold weather, as when the temperature drops to freezing, a battery can lose up to 35 per cent of its power. This is why it’s important for drivers to keep an eye on their batteries over winter and ensure they have the best tools to prevent the battery from failing.

For instance, Ring’s range of smart chargers can be left connected to a car battery without overcharging. The charger will know when a battery is fully charged and will switch to a float mode, so will only add charge again as the battery naturally discharges.

However, if the battery has been allowed to go completely flat, Ring’s compact lithium jump starters, the RPPL200 and RPPL300, are ideal. They will jump start the vehicle quickly, but are so small, they can be stored them in the vehicle, ready to use if needed again.

Tyre inflators

Another important element to keep an eye on, not just during winter but all-year round, is tyres. The correct tyre pressure is incredibly important, especially in winter when road conditions are more treacherous, so should be checked regularly. To assist, Ring has a range of gauges for quick pressure checks, but if they need to be inflated, it also has a variety of tyre inflators to suit every driver’s need.

Ring outlines areas to upsell

The RTC4000 is rechargeable, cordless and compact, so can be stored away until needed. It also has a memory function, so the user can save different tyre pressures and activate them easily from the home screen, and has an auto-stop feature, aiming to reduce the risk of over inflating the tyre. The RTC4000 is chargeable via a USB type C cable or 12V DC cable and is quick to inflate a tyre, even from flat.

Fast charge lamps

With winter ensuring the nights are longer and the days are shorter, a reliable work lamp is well worth investing in for any workshop, and could be upsold on to any driver. Ring’s range of fast charging worklamps includes the MAGflex Pro fast charge LED inspection lamp (RIL4200/REIL4200), which claims to go from 0-100 per cent battery in just one hour. For a slim version of this, there’s the MAGflex slim fast charge LED inspection lamp (RIL4300/REIL4300), with the same quick recharging time for a more compact option.

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