IMI welcomes Government enquiry

IMI welcomes Government enquiry

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) has welcomed the inquiry on skills and training which has been announced by the House of Lords Industry and Regulators Committee.

The IMI believes it is critical the UK workforce possesses the requisite skills to navigate an increasingly complex and technologically advanced landscape and welcomes the scope of the new inquiry.

Set to delve into the effectiveness of current apprenticeship and in-work training policies, the inquiry is said to mark a crucial step in addressing the evolving needs of the labour market. It aims to scrutinise the efficacy of existing systems and policies, while proposing potential reforms to better align training initiatives with the demands of the future economy.

In its inaugural session, the Committee will engage with former ministers and advisors, seeking insights into the challenges faced in enhancing the skills of the UK workforce. Key areas of focus will include evaluating the operational framework of the Apprenticeship Levy, examining employer incentives for investing in workforce training, and assessing the clarity and consistency of government policies over time.

The IMI welcomes the opportunity for stakeholders across government, industry, training providers, and individuals to contribute to this critical dialogue. By collectively addressing the challenges and opportunities in skills development, it believes the inquiry will enable the UK workforce across all sectors to be better equipped to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive global marketplace.

Hayley Pells, Policy and Public Affairs Lead at the IMI, said: “We commend the Industry and Regulators Committee for launching this vital inquiry. As technology continues to transform the automotive sector, it is imperative that we prioritise skills development to ensure the resilience and adaptability of the workforce.

“We look forward to actively participating in the inquiry and collaborating with stakeholders to shape policies that support the future success of the UK economy.”

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