The Benefits of Garage Management Software

The Benefits of Garage Management Software

PMM hears from Meadowfield Autocentre to find out how it has benefitted from using garage management software Autowork Online.

Specialising in providing a comprehensive range of high-quality tyres, vehicle repair and maintenance services, Meadowfield Autocentre aims to provide customers with top-class products from the highest quality brands.

In 2016, Meadowfield began extensive market research and product testing to determine which garage management software would be the best product to accelerate company growth and streamline all day-to-day processes. After research was completed, it was decided that Autowork Online was the optimum software for Meadowfield. Autowork Online is a comprehensive webbased application that aims to simplify and manage every aspect of running a busy workshop or garage. It automates and organises essential everyday tasks, from generating quotes and invoices to maintaining service records and managing the diary.

Discussing the benefits that the garage management software has brought to Meadowfield, owner Stephen Browne advised “creating custom jobs is just one way we can save huge amounts of time processing sales. I can add all the parts, manufacturer data and labour to a job and complete it in around one minute, in terms of speed, I don’t think anyone can come close”.

Stephen continued “We have selected all the add-ons that Autowork Online has to offer, the more features you add, the more the company can do, the more money you can make easily, and that’s definitely the case with the new auto-link module”.

Auto-Link is the portal which allows direct sales messaging to customers. Garages can send approval requests for required work to car owners detailing what jobs are required and at what cost. Customers will then have the ability to approve or decline instantly without the need for a phone conversation. This correspondence will be updated immediately in the software for actioning.

Stephen advised “Auto-link is a significant step forward for the industry as a whole. It has reduced calls required by almost 100 per cent, the entire sales process is much smoother as the customer knows exactly what is being quoted for and they can respond instantly without the need for long phone conversations. An additional bonus to auto-link is the security it offers garages. As we are now sending a full breakdown of the work we are conducting and we are getting a documented response back from the customer in agreement, it gives comfort in knowing there is no grey areas of interpretation or room to argue at all.”

Stephen concluded “We installed the software in 2016 and have added every addon that is on offer, and we have benefited from these. Auto-Link is no different and I believe we will see the industry benefit from this as product immediately, and as it continues to grow”.

Nathan Fothergill, Autowork Online sales manager added “Meadowfield is a company where you can clearly see staff and software working together to maximise profitability. I have no doubt that auto-link will be a great addition to their garage and their business will continue to grow as it continues to develop further.

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