Are You Resetting the Steering Angle Sensor?
Are You Resetting the Steering Angle Sensor?

Are You Resetting the Steering Angle Sensor?

These days, most technicians appreciate the importance of a four wheel alignment check at the end of a steering and suspension job. However, one additional and critical check which is being overlooked by many is the need to reset the steering angle sensor. Pro-Align, supplier of the Hunter brand, discusses.

Steering Angle Sensors (SAS) work in conjunction with a number of other sensors that track the wheel speed of the vehicle, vehicle roll and many other important variables. These measurements, along with steering input data provided by the SAS, are used to control the wide range of driver assistance systems, including the Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Electric Power Steering, Active Steering and many other modern driving technologies.

However, in order for these systems to function properly, they require the SAS to be correctly calibrated to the straight-ahead position in line with the front wheels and the vehicle’s thrust line, so that they can relay accurate steering information.

A wide range of third party aftermarket tools exist to reset the SAS, but having developed a close working relationship with most major OEMs around the world, Hunter has developed an integrated solution to this issue: CodeLink.

What is CodeLink?

CodeLink is simple, affordable and ensures that a wheel alignment and safety system alignment can be completed efficiently and in line with the manufacturer’s requirements. Not only does CodeLink ensure precision reset of the steering system sensor, but it also provides customer service benefits, with the reduction in errors helping to eradicate costly customer comebacks. The system also delivers customer- friendly printouts that give a clear confirmation that SAS reset has been completed.

The continued growth in the use of driver assistance and Steering Angle Sensors means that correct servicing and calibration are increasingly important. The ease of use and precision that the integrated CodeLink system provides at the end of the standard wheel alignment service means that steering and suspension jobs can be completed correctly and in line with the manufacturer’s requirements. This removes the need to send the car to a main dealer, which would increase expense for the customer for what is, in reality, a simple operation.

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