Issues with accurate engine timing

Issues with accurate engine timing

Contitech discusses the need for electronic timing setting when installing the CT1167 timing belt as well as all associated kits for Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW. Various 1.0–1.6L TSI and EA211 models with electronic camshaft adjustment.


When fitting the timing belt, the bolts for the camshaft adjustment (Fig.1) must be loosened. After belt replacement the timing and lead angle for the electronic camshaft adjustment are not set accurately enough with the mechanical locking tools.

Issues with accurate engine timing


A new combustion process means that the intake valves can be closed very early on with this engine while the intake stroke is still in progress. Loosening the bolts for the camshaft adjustment can cause the timing to be set incorrectly or inaccurately, which has a major effect on mixture preparation.

Issues with accurate engine timing


The basic setting needs to be programmed and adjusted electronically using testing tool VAS 611 007 (Fig.2).

The VAS 611 007 tool is capable of setting the camshaft angle so that it is accurate to one tenth of a degree (Fig.3). Additional time allowance for the setting work: approx. 2.5h.

There are two different adapters for the tool (Fig.4):

  • Tool VAS 611 007/8 for three- and four-cylinder TSI units without Active Cylinder Technology
  • Tool VAS 611 007/4 for four-cylinder TSI units with Active Cylinder Technology

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