Jump Starting Your Workshop
Jump Starting Your Workshop

Jump Starting Your Workshop

Chicago Pneumatic tells PMM why its garage equipment can be relied on in any workshop.

Balloon Jacks

Chicago Pneumatic’s balloon jacks are easy to store and are effective for workshop use. In particular, the CP8822 Series of balloon jacks are renowned for their high lifting capacity. When using one, simply wheel it into position, connect the airline, and in seconds the vehicle will be lifted into position. With up to two tonnes of lifting capacity, they are available with short or long handles, and with two or three balloons, depending on the height of the lift needed, from 115 to 560mm.

Jack Stands

Once lifted, jack stands should always be used before working under any vehicle, and this is where the CP82020 jack stands come into use. These have self-locking handles and pins, and extra-large plate feet to provide safer support and to prevent the legs cutting into softer or uneven ground. Designed with a ductile iron support column and a rugged steel frame, they have a ratchet action height adjustment and are sold in pairs, with options available from two to 20 tonnes.

Workshop Presses

Another essential for any garage is a good workshop press, and irrespective of whether you’ve got limited space or a larger area, there are a range of workshop presses available. For example, the compact CP86510 (15 tonnes capacity) with its two-step stroke system:

Closed: With a full stroke for a quick approach.

Open: Has a small stroke for fine tuning of load, with a large gauge measuring short and metric tonnes.

Jump Starters

The CP90600 jump starter with ultra- capacitor technology can jump start a flat battery within seconds. It delivers a high starting power of up to 16000A (for 12V) and 8000A (for 24V) to jump start cars and many other passenger vehicles. This is equipped with an alert to prevent polarity inversion, and a fuse to protect both the product and the vehicle. Once the flat battery is running again, the ultra- capacitor technology recharges the running engine in less than 30 seconds. The jump starter is roughly 20% lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries for easier and more comfortable transportation, and is supported by a five-year guarantee for up to one million cycles. Fused to protect the vehicle and the booster from improper use, it is user friendly, with easy reading and voltage information. The unit has an on/off button, and voltage selection has full electrical insulation for protection from electric arcs during set-up. Durable with large copper clamps and 50mm2/0.48 in2 cables, it offers double polarity protection.

This new edition joins the existing CP90250 and CP90500 that also deliver a high starting power of up to 9000A, which is suitable for small engines on cars or passenger vehicles.

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