why you should invest in seat covers

why you should invest in seat covers

Leading seat cover manufacturer, Town and Country Covers, explains why you should invest in the seat covers used while working on a customer’s car.

Being a technician can be a messy job, you have to reach into the engine bay which results in oily hands or remove tyres that are normally covered in dirt – either way, your hands and clothing are usually somewhat grimy. So, when getting in and out of a customer’s car, you don’t want to transfer that dirt into the vehicle, which is where fast fit seat covers come into play.

While some workshops may choose to opt for paper or plastic covers to put in vehicles to protect the interior, there is a sturdier and more sustainable option available – Town and Country covers’ fast fit universal seat covers that can be fitted and removed in seconds.

The cover is designed with two things in mind, speed of fitting and removal, while aiming to provide excellent protection to the seat. It is in one piece, which slips over the headrest and covers the front of the seat. Helpfully, this seat cover can be quickly rolled up and stored into a bag, so that it’s neatly put away and can be used at a moment’s notice. The cover is made from the company’s signature heavy-duty polyester, aiming to ensure it’s of premium quality, waterproof and hard-wearing for the tough environment and for the many uses it will have.

why you should invest in seat covers

To ensure it maintains high production standards when manufacturing its seat covers, it checks the durability of its products through conducting tests, such as tear strength by falling pendulum apparatus, seam strength and abrasion resistance amongst others.

The covers are made from a 600-denier polyester with a waterproof polyurethane backing and are designed in the UK. This means the company has total control over the process. Town and Country Covers also uses overlocked seams for extra strength and durability.

The company even offers an embroidery service, so if a workshop would like to brand its fast fit seat covers, then Town and Country Covers is able to do this for them for a more professional look.

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