Supertracker adds feature to its STR1

Supertracker adds feature to its STR1

Supertracker have updated the STR1 laser half cab and trolley to feature green lasers.

The use of green lasers is reported to improve the visibility, precision and clarity of the laser line. The human eye is inherently more sensitive to green light due to the photopic response, a phenomenon where the eye’s peak sensitivity falls around 555 nanometers, which coincides with the wavelength of green light. This heightened sensitivity allows green lasers to appear brighter and more visible than red lasers to the human eye.

The STR1

Supertracker have now brought this enhancement to wheel alignment, offering laser wheel alignment systems with green lasers. The STR1 green laser wheel alignment system is available as a wall hung solution as a space saving option or on a trolley as a mobile solution. Both of which are designed in a neutral grey and black, which aim to complement the other equipment found in a workshop environment. This design update offers customers a sleek look, as well as brings together the company’s full alignment range into one uniform, straightforward design. Now supplied with a 9V battery, for increased battery life and supplied as standard with hangers to fit up to 24” wheels, with the ability to easily and accurate measure toe and thrust angle.

Supertracker adds feature to its STR1

Green light advantages

Green lasers are visible in a much wider range of light conditions, meaning it should be effective for all year-round work, indoors and out as well as they can travel over longer distances. They also offer clarity and precision due to the brightness, all important factors in environments requiring pinpoint accuracy. This innovation led to an increase in popularity of green lasers in many applications such as construction, installation, surveying, medicine, entertainment, technology.

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