DVSA moves towards paperless MOT system

DVSA moves towards paperless MOT system

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has provided garages with the option to not issue a paper fail certificate.

This will only be available if a customer is willing and able to view the vehicle’s MOT record and history online.

A physical fail certificate can still be offered for complex or multiple failures, but the customer should still have the option to view this online. If issuing a PRS (pass with rectification sheet), there could be no need to print the fail sheet.

The DVSA has said a paperless MOT system will save garages money by using less paper and toner, be better for the environment, and reflect the way some customers are already using the online service.

In January 2021, the DVSA made it optional for garages to issue a paper record of the emissions test if the vehicle passes the test. Then, in September 2021, it became optional to issue a paper MOT pass certificate – although a physical fail certificates are still required.

Chris Price of the DVSA, said: “The easiest thing to do is to ask your customers whether they want a paper copy of their MOT certificate or if they’re happy viewing it online when they drop their vehicle off. They’ll then know what to expect when they collect it.

“In some cases, if the vehicle does not have any advisories or if there are minor advisories, it makes more sense to suggest the customer views this information online.

“We know many MOT centres are sending more and more paperwork to customers by email to help lower printing costs, so this could be something you’d like to consider if customers want a copy of their certificate.

“We understand that there will always be customers who want a paper copy of their certificate to drive away with, so we’re not going to stop you from being able to print certificates. But it’s important we make small changes where we can.”

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