Aisin expands its braking range

Aisin expands its braking range

Under the Advics brand, Aisin continues to expand its braking range in response to market demand.

The latest product in this range to be launched by the equipment manufacturer is a new premium DOT 5.1 brake fluid. This is suitable for internal combustion vehicles as well as hybrids and electrics, enabling it to cover a very significant share of the European market. Recognised as one of the few complete systems manufacturers, the group’s Advics brand is fully aware of the crucial role that fluids play within braking mechanisms essential to motorists’ safety. That is why it is now completing its range with a new premium brake fluid.

This covers all types of motor, including hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, for which the growing number of spare parts makes them a key market segment. Although they are not particularly different to internal combustion engines in terms of braking, with EVs and HVs full acceleration power is available even at low revs. It is therefore vital to be able to offer optimum braking power as soon as they start moving, by favouring the use of a premium brake fluid.

The product launched in June, and already available in stock, is a DOT 5.1. Sold in a 500ml container, this product is suitable for latest-generation vehicles. Its compatibility with older models, requiring DOT 3 or DOT 4, also enables the equipment manufacturer to cover a large share of existing vehicles.

On the technical side, this brake fluid offers improved performance thanks to its higher boiling point and wet boiling point. Its low viscosity, combined with its low conductivity and better corrosion resistance, also benefit the vehicle’s entire braking system.

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