DRiV outlines braking offer

DRiV outlines braking offer

We catch-up with DRiV to find out what the company’s Ferodo and Jurid braking brands offer to independent workshops beyond simply brakes.

Wind the clock back 125 years. British industrialist, Herbert Frood invented brake pads when he produced the first materials designed to stop horse-drawn carts loaded with quarry stone in the Derbyshire Peak District. Frood was a visionary and gave his name to Ferodo, based on a loose anagram of his surname. His pioneering spirit has continually reshaped the category both for original equipment and the aftermarket ever since.

Today, Ferodo brake pads are OE fitted on almost 25 million vehicles per year. This seal of approval gives confidence to independent workshop owners, technicians and fleet professionals looking to restore like-new braking performance.

DRiV shares what their braking brands offer

There from the start

Driven by an enduring commitment to R&D, Ferodo invented the first disc brake pad for a mass-produced automobile – the Triumph TR6 – in 1956 and continued with groundbreaking advances such as the first European non-asbestos brake pad (1980); introduction of its Eco-Friction low-copper and copper-free brake pad range (2012); and Ferodo Fuse+ Technology brake pads (2021) which combine outstanding brake performance with comfort.

Scientists and engineers at research centres in Chapel-en-le Frith, UK and Bad Camberg, Germany continue to explore new material formulations, pad designs and other innovations that enhance stopping power, minimise noise and dusting, and extend pad and disc life. These targets help keep every brake product in step or beyond fastchanging OE specifications.

DRiV shares what their braking brands offer

Each innovation, whether significant – such as noise-reducing radial chamfers designed to meet the unique demands of each corresponding vehicle model – or seemingly minor, such as improved printing on the pad backplate, shares the goal of enhancing the experience of repair professionals to help them demonstrate their expertise and value in every job. Among many recent pad improvements are:

  • Chamfered directional brake pads: The addition of a parallel transitional surface at the leading edge of directional brake pads helps eliminate uneven wear and reduce noise.
  • Metal shim with cut-out: This new shim material and half-moon shaped cut-out allow the caliper piston to contact directional pads at an optimal angle for reduced noise and more consistent wear.
  • Directional arrow on backplate: The printed arrow helps technicians install directional pads in the correct position, avoiding costly comebacks.

Technical support service

Garage Gurus is the technical support service behind the two brands, designed to help provide the skills, training and knowledge that are required to efficiently complete quality repairs, optimise customer satisfaction and reduce warranty claims. In the last 12 months its team of experts has delivered training to over 40,000 people and helped solve 15,000 issues for customers.

The first stop for Garage Gurus services is the website www.garagegurus.tech/en-gb/ which provides access to a host of free content that includes installation guides, technical tips and diagnostic videos along with 100+ learning courses. The platform is a go to resource benefitting automotive aftermarket technicians, garage owners and parts distributors alike.

Notably, the website’s content could help mechanics who are about to tackle a job that they’re unsure of, through short, simple-to-follow videos helping with installation tips ensuring they are able to complete a first-time fix efficiently and correctly.

DRiV shares what their braking brands offer

Content is continually updated in line with customer feedback and the expert insight of the Garage Gurus master technician team, who will use their industry knowledge to identify trends and emerging technologies that may affect mechanics in their everyday roles. For example, the Garage Gurus may identify through visits that installers could benefit from additional training. For instance, the subject of electric vehicle maintenance is one that they may require assistance with. This has triggered the Gurus to develop extra material to better support the needs of technicians in specific areas.” Resultingly, and by accessing the Garage Gurus website, mechanics and garages can keep up-to-date with the latest developments in a convenient and easy-to-digest way.

The four ‘pillars’ of support that Garage Gurus provides are:

  • On-Call: a dedicated technical support center that is available to help with product information, installation issues and warranty queries via phone or e-mail.
  • On-The-Go: hands-on training at customers’ premises on the latest products, tools and repair techniques from specially converted technology vans.
  • Onsite: learn from Garage Gurus’ master technicians at the company’s dedicated training facilities.
  • Online: 24/7 e-learning platform with access to an array of webinars and an extensive training course library, all completely free.

What’s on the box?

Both Ferodo and Jurid products offer a digital helping hand via unique QR codes on their packaging.

The QR codes enable technicians to instantly access a wealth of helpful information when fitting a part. The content is designed to make installation as efficient and straightforward as possible, and to keep those working on vehicles up to date on the latest technical developments.

Once installers scan the QR code with a smartphone, they are taken to a main menu where they can easily navigate to several tailored sub-sections, which span product specifications to fitting advice and warranty conditions to how to directly contact the Garage Gurus ‘on call’ support service.

Importantly, scanning the QR code confirms that the part is a genuine product, providing installers with the reassurance that they are fitting quality, safe, and extensively developed parts to a customer’s vehicle. Should the QR code reveal that a part is a counterfeit, the installers see a page where they are able to report the issue directly.

An additional benefit for mechanics and motor technicians is the opportunity to enhance their skillset for free. The menu offers a link to the Garage Gurus online training platform.

With all the emerging technologies and developments that the automotive industry is experiencing, it’s never been more exciting to work in the sector, but at the same time the life of a technician is becoming more complex. By adding the QR codes to product packaging, DRiV is providing easy access to invaluable information when it is needed it most.

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