BookMyGarage launches EV function

BookMyGarage launches EV function has revealed drivers will now be able to compare instant local prices and book a service specifically for their electric vehicle (EV) through its site.

The EV servicing price comparison capability enables drivers to compare a range of prices and also choose a garage that is suitably qualified to work on EVs.

Alongside the latest EV servicing comparison capability, has also launched an EV content hub on the website. The hub comprises a series of guides to give current and prospective EV owners an overview to EV ownership.

Karen Rotberg, Co-founder of BookMyGarage, said, “Our new booking capability for EV servicing is in direct response to the rapid rise in EV popularity in recent years. More EVs were sold in March than in the whole of 2019. And the pool of EVs aged three years or more is growing too.

“From a servicing, maintenance and repair perspective, these electrified vehicles have different demands, and we want to ensure that drivers can easily find a qualified garage and compare the best possible prices locally.

“We have also widened our EV focus with the launch of our EV Hub. We want to support EV drivers by providing them with a comprehensive set of guides that not only helps to inform current EV owners, but also enables those that are considering their first steps towards switching to electric.”

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