Using software for workshop management

Using software for workshop management

MAM Software now offers workshops the opportunity to streamline online booking within Autowork Online.

MAM software has announced a collaboration with Vitara Commerce, introducing Autowork Online customers to its online booking solution, “Bookar”. This partnership provides Autowork Online users with access to enhanced capabilities within their garage and workshop management software. The collaborative solution allows customers to benefit from online appointment scheduling whilst providing a comprehensive approach to garage and workshop management.

Using software for workshop management

Website help

By integrating Autowork Online with Bookar, garage customers can access instant online pricing and appointment scheduling for services such as MOTs, common repairs, maintenance and tyre services. Bookar replaces the business’ existing website and is adaptable to the specific needs of each garage. Web design and content customisation options ensure that every garage’s online presence is personalised. Websites are search engine optimised, whilst supplementary digital marketing plans are offered as add-ons to enhance visibility and reach.

This integration enables real-time display of appointment dates and time-slot availability on the website. Moreover, it automates the creation of online bookings in Autowork Online, streamlining the entire process for businesses and customers alike.

Using software for workshop management

Getting started with Bookar is easy. They’ll set up your new website, configure the services and pricing, then connect it to Autowork Online. They manage any website changeovers from existing providers and provide hosting and ongoing support. Garages can rest assured that help is available to them throughout every step of their new website journey.


The introduction of Vitara’s Bookar tool with Autowork Online demonstrates MAM Software’s dedication to delivering advanced solutions for the automotive market. Businesses looking to enhance customer experience and stay ahead of competition can take advantage of the “futureproof” system.

“We’re thrilled to bring this integration to our Autowork Online customers,” explains Nathan Fothergill, sales manager at MAM Software. “Our goal is always to streamline operations for our customers and keep them ahead of the curve in the automotive industry. The features Bookar offers, such as real-time scheduling and online booking options, will allow them to optimise processes to their greatest potential. This will give garages and workshops an opportunity to fully embrace the online market.”

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