Mintex teaches brake maintenance best practices

Mintex teaches brake maintenance best practices

TMD Friction, the parent company of brake friction brand Mintex, has presented its professional technical training initiative known as the “Mintex Masterclass.”

Scott Irwin, Head of Technical Training, recently conducted sessions at Royton Car Services and Speedwell Garage for Brakes International in the northwest of England.

The Mintex Masterclass is a training program where participants received ┬áinsights into best practices for braking systems. Scott Irwin and his team imparted TMD’s technical expertise, covering topics such as the proper bedding-in procedure, the selection of appropriate tools, and the significance of brake system cleanliness.

These interactive workshop sessions catered to individuals wanting expand their knowledge of brakes, refine their skills, and acquire new techniques. Conducted directly on the workshop floor, participants gained hands-on experience working on active vehicles.

In addition to delving into the manufacturing process, Scott emphasised how Mintex ensures the proper functioning of its brake pads and discs, while also highlighting common pitfalls encountered when parts are incorrectly installed. Raising the importance of correct installation, Scott stressed its role in saving time and costs for garages, while ensuring optimal safety and braking performance for drivers and passengers alike.

To express gratitude for participants’ engagement and to encourage continued learning, attendees were granted access to TMD Friction’s E-learning platform. Each garage also received a “Mintex Fitted Here” sign, Mintex-branded gloves, Mintex over stud cleaner, and Mintex point-of-sale merchandise at the conclusion of the session.

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