MAM Software shares partnership success

MAM Software shares partnership success

MAM Software has revealed its long-term partnership with Grooms Garage has assisted in the company’s longevity within the industry.

Founded in 1945, Grooms Garage is a family run business experienced in all areas of vehicle and maintenance repair. Priding themselves on being large enough to support national contracts, but small enough to attend to the needs of the individual vehicle owner.

Grooms Garage has used products from MAM Software for over 25 years and are now utilising Autowork Online for its garage management needs.

Autowork Online is a fully-featured, cloud-based garage management package, which includes all the features required for the end-to-end running of garages and workshop business. Grooms Garage utilises Autowork Online’s intuitive job card creation and invoicing features, hold all vital part information in detailed databases and export all necessary accounts details into SAGE using Autowork Online’s simplified exporting procedure.

Tracy Jones, Grooms Garage Director of Business, recognises MAM Software’s dedicated support team as a key feature to its success. She said: “You can’t fault it, the whole team are very quick to get the gist of the issue we are having and help come to a quick conclusion. The replies we get are very simple to understand and not in computer speak.

“I have been here the longest, but any one of our staff members can call the team and get the same reply from them, and that’s invaluable when you’re in a really busy situation or desperate for something to work.”

Tracy also recognises how important MAM Software and Autowork Online have been in the success of Grooms Garage. She explained: “It feels like a partnership, we wouldn’t have been here without the assistance of MAM, certainly’. In conclusion Tracy summarised ‘Parts suppliers may come and go, customers may change, but MAM is an absolute mainstay and we’re very grateful for that.”

Ashley Tankard, Autowork Sales Executive, added: I have known and worked with Grooms Garage for many years and it certainly feels like we have developed a partnership. Autowork Online is constantly developing and evolving along with garages, allowing companies like Grooms Garage to see longevity in an ever-changing landscape.”

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