Tuning up your business

Tuning up your business

There was a time when tuning engines was only carried out by specialised engineering workshops, physically altering cranks, bores, shims and more. In later years we saw ‘Oscilloscope’ tuning and, after that, replacing engine management systems or even soldering new chips into the expensive engine management system. By no means are these methods completely redundant, but they are used very rarely these days.

Today, performance enhancing a vehicle is available to the consumer almost as easily as dropping into the supermarket and can take the same amount of time as leaving a car for to be valeted.

Tuning up your businessDiesel do nicely

In recent years diesel cars have been at the forefront of tuning for performance and, more importantly, economy. With around 60% of the UK car parc represented by diesels, it’s no wonder that solutions such as those offered by Tunit Diesel Performance are now at the height of demand.

So why do your customers still want improvements in power and efficiency?

It’s simply due to the man in the street wanting the best performance they can get, for the least possible cost. Fuel savings are equally important nowadays with the steep rise in petrol prices, so consumers want their fuel economy capabilities improved.

Developed in 1998 at the beginning of the diesel tuning revolution, Tunit has continually advanced its products to suit consumer demands as well as those of trade customers. Service is always important to both the end user and the trade customer so to support its offering Tunit provides a five-year warranty, engine warranty, part exchange and a variety of purchase options that benefit trade and retail.

How do trade customer benefit?

Tunit has set up a whole infrastructure to further support trade customers – whether they’re a small/large garage, fast-fit or mobile repairer. Each trade customer is assigned an account manager who can help with advice and is happy to talk direct to the customer. Signage for premises, vehicle graphics and even free web design is offered to help trade customers to promote the product.


Tunit has an array of dealers in the UK but is keen to recruit further workshops. If you have a passion for customer service and an appetite for moving your business forward then you can find out more about the company at www.tunit.co.uk or email: info@tunit.co.uk.


Profit – as well passion – is why we’re all here and Tunit is not shy with its profit projections. Existing Tunit users have shown that you can charge up to and above £200 per customer and, furthermore, your account manager can arrange for payment contracts, interest free and ‘buy now pay later’ policies and still deliver the sale and the profit to your company. In 2008 The Ministry of Defence commissioned Tunit to modify over 400 military vehicles in foreign combat zones. So did British Aerospace, who provided a similar commission.

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