GYS outlines booster pack offering

GYS outlines booster pack offering

GYS’ Marketing Manager, Richard Fothergill explains to readers the differences between the three types of booster packs offered by GYS.

In winter we see many more problems starting vehicles. The once humble booster pack was always the solution but, as with all things, technology has created more options for the technician. As well as conventional booster packs, we now see super small Lithium Booster packs and the very exciting development of batteryless boosters which operate with supercapacitors.

Booster packs are a popular and effective means of starting a vehicle where no mains supply is available. Traditionally and still very much the popular are the units with a specially designed starter battery inside. However, technology has now enabled alternative solutions; there are now three technologies each offering different advantages to help you get a vehicle started.

Traditional booster packs

When choosing the right product for your application, you must consider the following points:

  1. Output of the Booster Pack
    PEAK– Maximum boost for a very short burst
    CRANKING – Maximum boost for approximately five seconds
    START – Best guide to performance – the higher the number, the better the unit
  2. Internal Charger
    The more advanced the battery charger is, the better the charge and you increase the longevity of the booster pack. The GYSPACK 900 has GYS’s most advanced charger

Lithium booster packs

Lithium boosters may be compact and lightweight, but they pack a punch. Ideal for those emergency situations, they can also charge your phone, tablet and other mobile devices when you are on the move.

Super Capacitor booster packs

Battery-less smart booster

Traditional booster packs use conventional batteries, the GYSCAP has no internal battery. Instead, it employs powerful super capacitors. This brings many advantages: More power, longevity – they will last for 1 million starts and more. This is the perfect tool for professional use in workshops, car supermarkets, bodyshops and vehicle storage yards.


These GYSCAP Super Capacitor Boosters are equipped with the smart starter management system, it is protected against reversed polarity/short-circuited clamps/deep discharge. This system guarantees the safety of the on-board electronics, the battery of the vehicle, the booster and the user.

Incorporates a digital display capable of continuously and accurately providing the voltage of the vehicle’s battery and alternator clamps. The state of charge of the capacitors is indicated by the LED bar graph.

Fast Charging

  • Charges/Loads – from a running vehicle in about one minute
  • Can be kept topped up by connecting to 12V aux socket (cigarette lighter)

Always ready to use

  • Can always be used in about 1 minute – Ultra-fast charge
  • Never be caught out with a flat booster pack
  • Never needs connecting to the mains supply – No charge storage

Start one vehicle after another and another

  • After starting a car simply leave it connected to the running vehicle for about one minute and it is ready to start another

Long Lasting

  • Will outlast conventional booster packs
  • Super capacitors are able to deliver over 1 million cycles and unlimited starts

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