Getting winter wiper ready

Getting winter wiper ready

With the life of a wiper blade generally being between six to 12 months, Trico has provided five top tips for wiper blade care.


Using the washer spray or a spray bottle to sprinkle the windscreen, switch the wiper blades on and check for any missed areas, water smears or streaks. Light misting should evaporate in a couple of seconds; however, if misting remains, the wiper blade should be changed immediately.


Take extra care when lifting wiper arms, as arms may hit against the bonnet and not lift. In these cases, turning the ignition on and off and then pressing the wiper stalk down will often move the blades up into their service position, where they can be lifted up. If this does not work, consult the vehicle’s manual.


Gently clean the rubber blade edge to remove any dirt or residue, before checking along its length for imperfections in the rubber – check at either end that it hasn’t split. Technicians should ensure that the rubber element returns to a central position and is not set in one direction. If the blade fails any of these checks, it should be replaced.


Check that the wiper blade is securely fixed to the arm. The blade should rotate freely, parallel with the wiper arm, to allow it to flex over the screen; there should be no wobbling or movement perpendicular to the arm. If the blade shows excessive movement, replace it.


Ensure the windscreen is thoroughly cleaned using warm water or specialist glass cleaning fluid. Technicians should also check the windscreen for any cracks or chips, as these are safety hazards in their own right, but they can also damage the wiper blade rubber.

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