Autowave unveils range of products

Autowave unveils range of products

Autowave’s CEO Ravi Kotecha guides readers through some of the new products the autolocksmithing firm has recently released and will soon release.


There has recently been some speculation about a new XT27B transponder, let’s settle the truth. XT27A is the name given for the Global market Super Chip while XT27B is the name given for the China market Super Chip, there is still only one Superchip you can buy from Xhorse. We are bound to confidentiality on certain products but to give you a taster here are a few exciting things in the pipeline.

Xhorse is bringing out a powerful new programmer called ‘Multi Prog’ very soon, this device will have advanced programming functions on eeproms/MCUs, ECUs, airbag modules and much more. It will sit at a premium price point higher in the range than VVDI Prog. VVDI Prog will continue to be updated and stay current. Additionally, there will be a new cloud-based solution that will allow remote programming, already working successfully in China we expect to launch in the UK soon. Xhorse will also be bringing out high quality, competitively priced TPMS sensors and related equipment.

As a result of their growth in recent years Xhorse have become aware that it is sometimes difficult for dealers to service equipment and provide the level of after sales a brand like Xhorse requires. Autowave has been appointed the official UK repair centre for Xhorse. We are in the process of building a bespoke service centre to repair and service Xhorse products. This service is available to any customer, regardless of where you purchased your item from and Autowave will also be able to honour warranty repairs on behalf of Xhorse.

In order to protect the interests of local dealers, Xhorse plans to restrict IP for all products with serial numbers from September 2023. This means that if you buy Xhorse products from China to use in the UK you will not have the ability to update Xhorse software. To retain the ability to update your products buy from Autowave, an Xhorse authorised dealer.


OBDstar have grown in presence in the UK and EU market over the last few years. They have focused on areas they specialise in and expanded product coverage accordingly. The amount of development that goes into their devices is second to none and their growth is testament to this. We saw firsthand what goes into producing their software and it would be fair to say they are innovators not imitators.

OBDstar is paving the way in development for motorcycle diagnostics and immobiliser programming, the UK and EU is a huge market for them which is proven by the number of devices out there. So, the demands of these territories remain a priority. They will be joining Autowave at MLA to launch a new flagship product so keep your eyes peeled.

OBDstar have also released products such as the DC706 ECU programmer/cloner and P50 airbag crash data device that are better than any competing European device I have used throughout my time in the industry, also while not as relevant for the UK market they have also developed a marine scanner that just goes to show how forward thinking they are.


Xtool is well known globally and considered one of the most popular brands in our industry across USA and South Asia. We work very closely with Xtool and over the last three years we have been helping develop their products for the UK market. A major point of discussion with Xtool is how we can adapt their devices and software to be more stable and reliable in the UK and EU. Xtool currently have UK specific devices, the immobiliser coverage for European manufacturers is far more advanced on these versions so in order to continue this distinction we agreed to have three Xtool engineers work from our UK office alongside Autowave technicians as a joint development project. Three engineers will spend at least two months in the UK so expect some major updates particularly on Renault, Fiat, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen Ford and JLR.

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