Delphi showcases its diagnostics range

Delphi showcases its diagnostics range

Delphi updates PMM readers on its BlueTech diagnostics package, pass thru and security gateways.

First launched in 2021, the BlueTech vehicle communication interface (VCI) brings state-of-the-art OBD diagnostics to garages. Though they can choose to buy the DS180 BlueTech VCI only, most, according to Delphi, are now opting for the ‘Car Kit’ package, upgraded in the first quarter of 2023.

The ‘Car Kit’ combines the DS180 VCI hardware with a carry case – plus accessories including the USB hub needed to support J2534 ‘Pass-Thru’. The kit also includes a faster, larger and more powerful tablet to run the growing software resources quickly and reliably.

Delphi is urging garages looking at making investment in enhancing their diagnostics capabilities to do two things. The first is to take a long-term view and the second is to fully evaluate the resources and support behind the equipment.

“The challenge is to not just think about today but the vehicles you will see in three to five years’ time as you don’t want to discover you are restricted later,” said Marco Lagomarsini, Delphi. “The problem for technicians is more and more jobs on newer vehicles will require a modern diagnostic tool and connectivity is becoming more tightly controlled.

“Our BlueTech VCI offers a ‘future proof’ solution that works as seamlessly as possible with the latest vehicle manufacturer gateways with excellent coverage and capabilities too.”

Delphi suggests garages pay particular attention to work that they’ve done without diagnostics support that will require connectivity in future. They say the issue has been illustrated with EGR valves coming back as returns that ‘weren’t working’ simply because garages hadn’t realised the part needed to be calibrated electronically after fitment in order to work properly.

This type of calibration is even required for some air filters on the latest vehicles. Delphi says they have the tools, technical data and training that the trade needs – with the facility for garages to check on a specific vehicle and job basis whether a diagnostics tool needs to be used.

Pass-Thru compliance and VM Security Gateways

The DS180 BlueTech device is J2534 Pass- Thru enabled to ‘flash’ update ECUs effectively. It also offers an ‘integrated solution’ for easy connection through the security gateways of many vehicle manufacturers, saving technicians the time of completing multiple manual registrations for different VM portals.

Delphi’s simple licensing model includes their full support package. This brings free access to the diagnostic e-learning content on Delphi Academy. The fee also ensures access to a technical hotline and ‘lifetime warranty’ on the VCI hardware where an uninterrupted licence is in place.

“The licence includes ADAS capabilities, security gateways and VRM look-up so there’s no ‘extras’ to pay later,” said Marco. “The e-learning resources are comprehensive to help garages set up and use the package, run procedures and better understand Pass- Thru and security gateways.”

Pass-Thru is essential to access full diagnostics functionality, specifically updating (or ‘flashing’) ECUs. The BlueTech DS180 enables garages to simply plug in, access VM portals, download software and make updates. Security gateways serve an entirely different purpose. They exist to restrict and track who is accessing car ECUs for safety-related operations, aiming to protect cars and drivers. Historically, separate VM gateways have been time consuming to register with, pay for and use.

Delphi’s ‘integrated solution’ results from the global manufacturer’s agreement of commercial terms with a growing list of VMs and groups including FCA, VAG and Mercedes Benz/Smart. Delphi then implements the technical solutions to streamline connectivity so licenced BlueTech users don’t have to log in to or register with individual VM portals.

“The process seems very simple because we’ve done a lot of complex work in the background to save technicians time,” said Marco. The DS180 BlueTech VCI sits firmly within the top tier of OE-level diagnostics solutions available to garages according to Delphi. It already supports key communications protocols like DoIP (used by Volvo and JLR) and CAN FD (Flexible Data- Rate) – a fast protocol currently used in highend vehicles that will become more widely adopted in future. “Many technicians are nervous,” said Marco. “Pass-Thru can be risky and you need to know what you’re doing so that’s why we’ve developed specific training.”

Delphi’s BlueTech licence can be purchased for anywhere from one to five years, with reduced rates for longer terms. It includes access to the extensive diagnostic e-learning content on Delphi Academy with training modules available on running procedures as well as Pass-Thru and security gateways too.

Delphi diagnostics configurator goes live

Delphi has this summer launched a new online ‘diagnostics configurator’ to further help independent garages quickly identify the diagnostic solution package best fitted to their specific requirements. The diagnostics configurator, which can be accessed under ‘Diagnostics’ at WWW.RDR.LINK/ABC020, has been developed to make it easier for technicians to understand the hardware, software and technical data options available to them.

A simple step-by-step process makes it much easier to compare options and then make informed selections, ensuring the package quoted is best fitted to the specific workshop requirements according to Delphi.

Delphi showcases its diagnostics range

Step 1: select by vehicle type – or by product as a ‘standard configuration’

Delphi showcases its diagnostics range

Step2: Select hardware options The vehicle connection interface (VCI) can be selected on its own or as part of a solution package. Users then proceed to select any connection cables needed for older vehicles

Delphi showcases its diagnostics range

Step3: Choose the licence term, the vehicle technical information (VTI) level and e-learning access

Step4: Review the ‘Bill of Materials’ The configuration process is completely transparent, so garages can quickly see the costs of different options and elements, as well as the substantial savings available with a longer licence

Step5: Request a Quote At the end of the process – which can be completed in just a couple of minutes – the chosen configuration can be saved and shared by email or a full quotation can be requested simply by completing a few details on the web form.

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