Are you Cashing in on Engine Decontamination Machines?

Are you Cashing in on Engine Decontamination Machines?

EDT Automotive believes that it can eliminate financial risk for garages with its engine decontaminating and auto transmission machines.

EDT Automotive has reported significant growth to its network of partner garages thanks to the reported success of its engine decontaminating and auto transmission machines. As a result of the machines’ performance restoring and emissions reducing credentials, more than 42,000 vehicles have been treated to date, contributing to an unbudgeted incremental profit source for workshops offering the treatment. A unique business approach allows garages to use EDT machines without any capital outlay.

EDT’s Managing Director, David Holmes said it’s this ‘vending machine concept’ that’s proving so popular: “The capabilities of our machines are widely known and accepted,” he explained. “With this in mind, we now want to ensure that garage owners are also aware that we offer our machines on a pay-as-you-go basis, eliminating any financial risk. We aim to get our partner garages into profit within two months of installation and training.”

One of the latest garages to join the EDT network, Hardings Garage in Preston, was so impressed with the technology and profit opportunities during its trial of the engine decontamination machine that it undertook a two-year contract with EDT Automotive. Hardings Garage owner, Steven Cumming, said: “It’s the same with all new pieces of equipment; you don’t know if it’s a gimmick but we were soon sold on the EDT machine. Now, we’re completely convinced. Every single customer has commented on the difference it has made to the driveability of their car.”

David added: “There are not many products in the market that you can use without the burden of investing a large cost at the beginning. With our EDT machines, you will receive instant payback as soon as you go live.”

EDT Automotive says it also provides full support to garages to ensure they can fully exploit all of the opportunities the technology has to offer. Support includes training, marketing literature, signage and machine maintenance. It all makes EDT’s detox machines the perfect add-on service that benefits both the garage and the customer.

The EDT Machine

The Engine Decontamination Machine has been manufactured in the USA and distributed throughout the world for over 20 years. EDT Automotive has now carried out treatments on thousands of vehicles, removing contamination, improving their mpg, reducing their emissions and enhancing the overall performance of cars.

The EDT machine removes all the sludge, varnish and debris that builds-up in the engine. Improving the engine’s coefficient of friction allows the new oil to perform to its maximum capabilities. This then has a positive impact on fuel economy, CO2 emissions, engine performance and drivability.

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