Concentric Slave Cylinders (CSC) – damage avoidance during fitment

Concentric Slave Cylinders (CSC) – damage avoidance during fitment

Following replacement of the CSC it is a common occurrence that the clutch can become stiff, choppy or even jammed. There may even be a leakage problem. In most cases this clutch malfunction is the result of damage to the CSC caused during or before the installation, either by mechanical or handling error. Damage to the CSC caused by handling errors is quite common and typical damage that may occur is when the guide sleeve is pushed out of its crimp at the transmission bell housing of the CSC.

Installation advice

To prevent such damage happening to the CSC, we recommend that you observe the following guidelines:

Before installation

a) Handle the CSC very carefully. Never drop the CSC or it can become mechanically damaged. If the CSC is dropped or exposed to force via the sleeve against the crimp (transport lock) the guide sleeve may be pushed out of its crimp.

b) Never pressurise the CSC until it is fully installed in the gearbox (the crimp is only for transportation and can’t withstand hydraulic forces).

During installation

1) In order to avoid the CSC from being jammed during installation, the contact surface on the transmission bell housing must be absolutely flat, clean and undamaged.

2) During installation ensure that the CSC is flush with the surface of the transmission bell housing before tightening the screws.

3) Always use the correct length mounting screws. Screws that are too long prevent the guide sleeve from contacting the transmission bell housing with the required pressure, which may result in the guide sleeve separating from the housing and the seal during pressurising.

4) All mounting screws must be tightened evenly and with the required torque. By observing these guidelines you can ensure that issues resulting from a guide sleeve being pushed out of its crimp will become a thing of the past.

Training for garages

FTE are happy to train workshop technicians in the proper installation of CSCs. You can contact the company directly, or through your local supplier, if this is something that you’re interested in.

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