Trolley Jack

Trolley Jack

BAHCO designers and engineers have developed a 3T ‘quick approach’ trolley jack.

The which can be raised to working height in just four to five pump strokes – half the number some trolley jacks require.

With 90mm height entrance and an increased, 590mm achievable height, it is designed to lift the widest range of standard vehicles.

A curved, ergonomic handle provides grip and comfort, while the extra-large pedal has a rubber cover to prevent foot slippage. An improved stopper system guards against accidental overturning or deformation, a rubber saddle prevents slipping and protects vehicle surfaces, and foam on the handle helps avoid damage to the vehicle body.

For added safety, the jack is equipped with a pressure valve and descent speed control system. It is CE Certified and meets BS EN1494. Conical steel and PU-covered front wheels make it easier to move around the workshop and its nylon nuts reduce noise, says the company.

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