Ring Automotive – PowerPacks

Ring Automotive – PowerPacks

Ring has redesigned its award winning range of PowerPacks, giving them a modern, unique and distinctive look.

The new PowerPacks have the primary function of starting cars with flat batteries, but they can also charge and power everything from music players, tablets and smartphones to cool boxes via the high speed USB or 12V sockets.

There are five units in the range, split between three standard PowerPacks and two high capacity PowerPacks. This choice of units ensures customers select the correct unit for the job required. The standard 17Ah units provide 650A of jumpstart power for vehicles up to 2.0L engine size. For vehicles with larger engine capacities up to 3.5L, 4x4s, diesel engines, 12V LCVs and professional users doing lots of chargers, the high capacity units are the choice for them.

To ensure the units are the safest available, all come with reverse polarity protection and crocodile clips that are fully insulated. Reverse polarity displays if connected incorrectly to the battery, so preventing harmful damage to your battery. Fully insulated clips provide additional protection to the user handling the clips, thus reducing the chance of a shock.

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