Pearl Automotive – ‘Wot-Nots’ range

Pearl Automotive – ‘Wot-Nots’ range

If the requirement is for anything from a single headlight bulb to a set of hose clips, Pearl Automotive’s famous ‘Wot-Nots’ will provide the ideal solution.

The range offers the ultimate service in ‘pre-pack’ retailing and includes more than 900 references.

The latest Wot-Nots catalogue, which is cleverly colour-coordinated, contains descriptions and barcodes with every Wot-Nots reference.

Wot-Nots are available under the following section headings: electrical, mini assortment boxes, hardware and consumables, stainless steel, auto bulbs and miscellaneous.

In today’s price-conscious market, Wot-Nots are affordable and the individual packaging makes for an efficient purchase.

Steve Catling, Managing Director at Pearl Automotive says: “Wot-Nots are a favourite in the aftermarket as they are fast moving items. Our fuses, for example, are popular at this time of the year but many Wot-Nots packs attract a high number of customers throughout the year.”

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