Product Test – Launch X431 Pro

Product Test – Launch X431 Pro

The world of vehicle diagnostics is a never ending dilemma for us technicians. The choice is constantly expanding so selecting the tool that is best suited to you becomes increasingly difficult.

In some respects I guess this could be construed as a good thing. Going back a few years, the choice of diagnostic weapon was rather limited and although the tools were generally very good quality, the cost was a big issue, especially for the smaller workshop. If you are a ‘one man band’, a tool costing £5,000 upwards takes some recouping.

As the price of diagnostic tools has dropped, so the pursuit of the right solution for your business has become much more affordable. The reality is that you simply can’t operate nowadays without a diagnostic tool of some sort. Whether it’s a low entry, simple code reader or an all singing and dancing unit, you have to be sure that you select the tool that best suits your needs and your pocket.

I was given the Launch X431 Pro to test in my workshop. The first thing I noticed was its compact size (21x16cm), and it looked very neat with a protective rubber sleeve. It has a touch screen which is very responsive (unlike some other touch screen devices I have used) and utilises an Android operating system, which is a new device replacing its former models.

Strong coverage

An important aspect of any ‘all-makes’ diagnostic unit is the manufacturer coverage, and the X431 Pro comes up trumps in this area with in-depth coverage of a wide selection of European, Asian, American and Chinese models. For such a small diagnostic tool, its coverage is massive.

I have had the X431 Pro in my workshop for a very reasonable period of time and this offers you the opportunity to really get to grips with any tool. On that basis, I’ve given it a thorough test on a vast number of manufacturers and systems and it has seldom been found wanting.

Boasting an equally impressive range of functions and data, the speed of communication is both fast and accurate. This is achieved via Bluetooth, using a wireless OBDII connector that plugs into the vehicle 16 pin socket and then communicates with the X431 Pro, with the assistance of an aerial.

The tool can then be used in the comfort of your workshop or office. I found this particular feature absolutely superb!

Experienced technicians will be familiar with the frustrations of catching cables with your feet during the diagnostic process, removing the connection from the car socket and forcing the technician to start the process from scratch. The wireless element of the tool ultimately eliminates such a headache.

Extra features

The X431 Pro has its own rechargeable battery, which lasts for about four hours of continuous use, and Wi-Fi connectivity enables the user to get updates, share data and build up a library for future reference – another excellent idea.

Additionally the unit features a camera function for either snap shots or live recording, offering a great aid when building your own library.

One other feature that I found particularly useful is the data stream recording function. This allows you to take the vehicle for a road test to interrogate a fault that you might not have been able to detect in the workshop. Upon return, you can replay the recorded data and study without any risk of causing an accident.


I was hugely impressed with the X431 Pro, as it dealt with almost everything I put in front of it. A great tool that offers good value for money and powerful testing ability, I’d recommend that you take a look if you’re in the market for a new diagnostic solution anytime soon.

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