Micro Leak Repair System

Micro Leak Repair System

Primalec has announced that its Airco Seal Pro refrigerant sealants range is now being produced in the UK.

The micro leak repair system for air conditioning refrigerants is now complete, leading to a shorter and more reliable supply chain.

Primalec’s Airco Seal Pro:

  • Permanently stops micro leaks in both metal and elastomer parts in automotive ACs
  • Is especially useful for hard to find leaks and expensive to repair parts. Saves huge amounts of time and money in parts and labour
  • Makes previously uneconomic repairs affordable
  • Low-cost repair for out of warranty vehicles
  • Contains no refrigerant, no propellant and no dyes or other additives in the vacuum can
  • Now in a choice of two sizes: AC2132C – small cars, AC2133C larger vehicles

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