Auto Finish – Premium Valeting Kit

Auto Finish – Premium Valeting Kit

Detailing specialist Auto Finish has launched a new Premium Valeting Kit, providing detailers with everything they need to bring the best out of the car.
Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, the kit contains all of the washes and waxes you need to bring some sparkle to your beloved.

The new Auto Finish Premium Valeting Kit contains:

  • Advanced Resin Polish (500ml) leaves a high-gloss shine on your car’s paintwork, restoring it back to its mirror-finish showroom shine.
  • Advanced Wash & Wax (500ml) contains innovative water-beading technology that repels water on contact. Advanced Wash & Wax effortlessly removes traffic film and dirt, giving a high-gloss and streak-free finish.
  • Rapid Colour Restorer (500ml) is a spray-on paintwork renovator, using licenced T-Cut technology. The formula restores the original colour, removing oxidation, scratches, ingrained road grime, tar spots and baked insect deposits.
  • Bumper Shine (500ml) gives a new-look shine on bumpers and exterior trim. The silicone-free gel helps to protect against the build-up of dirt and grime.
  • Screenwash (500ml) contains powerful cleaning agents which quickly remove dirt from windscreens whilst offering winter protection down to -36°C (undiluted).
  • Rapid Wheel Cleaner (500ml) instantly cuts through dirt, grease and brake dust, and can be used on lacquered wheels, painted steel wheels and plastic wheel trims.
  • Tar Remover Pre-Soak (500ml) removes tar spots, oil, adhesive residues, tree sap, bird lime, fuel spills, stubborn greasy marks and much more.
  • Crystal Glass Polish (500ml) cleans and polishes glass and mirrors, while also improving light scratches. The formula removes dirt, grease, tobacco haze and finger marks to leave a streak-free shine, and can also be used in the home.
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Sponge

The kit also includes a handy leaflet, which has detailed information on the Auto Finish range, customer testimonials, and an ‘Ask the Tech Guys’ section with frequently asked questions, answered by Auto Finish’s technical expert Anthony Dymond.

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