Product Test – DPF Doctor Network
Product Test – DPF Doctor Network

Product Test – DPF Doctor Network

Garage Owner, Dave Hill, of London Road Garage Ltd, tests out the DPF Doctor Network.

DPF work represents a big portion of the work that we all see in our workshops these days and tackling these problematic systems can often prove to be a head scratcher of an experience.

For many mechanics, the process of diagnosing and repairing the multitude of different systems presents a tough challenge and one that often proves to be a challenge too far, resulting in countless components being replaced unnecessarily.

Everyone surely knows that a diagnosis, which includes the deployment of a fully loaded parts cannon, will only result in a bad experience for the customer and most likely a heated discussion when the bill is discussed.

There are no winners in this situation and the garage’s reputation will soon suffer. For those wishing to gain a foothold into a more professional approach, there is a solution in the form of the DPF Doctor network.

This network is owned and run by Mr. Darren Darling from his Ashington operation in Northumberland. Members of the DPF Doc network gain access to a well-proven DPF cleaning system, along with hands on training that will give the new Doctor everything needed to make a professional assessment and subsequent repair to the system in trouble.

Whilst the training is great at bringing members up to speed on the technologies and procedures, often we find ourselves in a situation, where we feel uncomfortable about deciding which way to move forward. The DPF Doc network has its own technical support line, backed up with access to a private forum, which allows members to interact ‘live’ with the whole network of Doctors across the UK and beyond.

You can bet that someone within the network will have the experience or information needed, so that the job moves forward and the customer gets a cost effective solution to their DPF problem.

If you currently feel that you are often out of your depth when tackling DPF problems, then the DPF Doctor network could well be the answer to your prayers. The financial commitment is not huge and it won’t be long before the rewards become clear. These rewards are not just the obvious financial gains, that ‘doing the job right’ brings, but your reputation as a provider of solutions to DPF problems, will soon become self promoting, as word of mouth recommendations start to bring in more work.

For further information from the DPF Doctor, click here.

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