The strangest things found in customers’ cars

The strangest things found in customers’ cars

A survey conducted by has revealed the strangest things customers have left in their cars during MOT and servicing work.

Pets featured a surprising number of times in the responses, with garages reporting they had found rabbits, a miniature goat, a kitten and a dog.

One garage even claimed they found a sleeping baby in the car, belonging to a waiting customer who, when asked, replied they had not wished to wake said baby.

Other unexpected items reported to from its network of 9,000 franchised and independent garages, included a mannequin, false teeth, edible underwear, a mankini and a Shewee.

Top seven unexpected items found in customer cars
1 Miniature goat
2 A sleeping baby
3 A mannequin
4 Edible underwear
5 A mankini
6 A Shewee
7 False teeth

In addition, asked its garages for the most questionable excuses given by customers for faults they had identified on their cars. Many seemed keen to blame their partners and pets while some conceded they had been unsuccessful in trying to give the repair a go themselves.

Top five questionable excuses for vehicle faults
1 I watched a video on YouTube on how to fix it…
2 The dog ate the seatbelt…
3 It’s going for export though, can’t you just pass it?
4 It looked easy when I Googled it…
5 I thought it was just a small puddle…

Jessica Potts, Head of Marketing at, said: “Our cars get used to transport anything and everything – family, friends, pets and of course a whole array of different items. It’s no surprise then that occasionally our garages come across some unexpected findings in customer cars, with some people seemingly very relaxed about what possessions they leave behind.

“Ultimately we just wanted to have a little fun with the survey, and along with some amusing items left behind, it seems some customers can be quite creative when giving the reason for a fault that’s been found on their vehicle.”

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