The smell of success

The smell of success

A new campaign is aiming to increase sales of cabin filters across the European aftermarket.

Corteco plans to equip all of its distributors with a sales aid that instantly demonstrates the difference between a standard cabin filter – that only filters particles – and the activated carbon upgrade, which also shuts out harmful gases and unpleasant smells.

“The Smell Box is a demonstrator that helps counter sales staff make the case for activated carbon – instantly,” says Corteco Sales and Marketing Manager, Steve Jarnet.

Designed to sit on the counter, the new Smell Box features a highly visible air freshener inside it. At one end of the Smell Box is a cabin filter complete with activated carbon that provides full protection and has no evidence of smell.

“Activated carbon is increasingly the choice at OE so it’s more often than not, the right choice for the mechanic. As well as filtering out particles, by excluding smells and harmful gases, they make more journeys more comfortable for drivers and passengers – however short.”

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