The IMI urges garages to renew MOT training

The IMI urges garages to renew MOT training

The IMI believes there is still a number of garages that risk losing their certificate to offer MOTs, as the DVSA deadline is less than two weeks away.

Whilst the deficit in the number of MOT testers who have so far completed their training and assessment for 2021 has reduced significantly, Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI, has revealed that some still could loose their certificates, and this could have serious consequences both for garage income and road safety.

Steve said: “Our concern right now is that a number of MOT technicians have been stuck between a rock and a hard place. The increased volumes they faced as a consequence of the 2020 MOT extension have made it difficult for them to find the time to complete their training and assessment. But the worst of the rush is now over and if they miss the 30th April deadline they will lose an important revenue stream, not just for MOTs but for the other work that being able to offer MOTs enables.

“Those industry professionals who have not yet taken their assessment may find that, with the higher pass rate now required by the DVSA, they will have little time for retakes. And this means they could lose this important income stream for their business.

“But that’s not our only concern – there is a very real threat to road safety if the MOT test market shrinks.”

Addressing the recent heavy workloads of many MOT testers, the IMI MOT Training and Assessment package has a focus on e-Learning. The 3-hour training module can be completed in bite-size chunks. It also gives technicians the opportunity to retake the assessment up to three times if they’re not happy with their score on first or second attempt. This is said to be particularly important as the DVSA now requires a pass rate of 80%.

The IMI MOT Training and Assessment for 2021 offers three options:

  • Training only
  • Assessment only – including up to three attempts
  • Combined training and assessment – including up to three attempts

Once training is completed, MOT technicians also automatically receive free membership to the IMI that they can choose to opt in to, as well as access to the IMI community to utilise resources to continue their learning.

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