Sovereign launches ‘Rapid Returns’

Sovereign launches ‘Rapid Returns’

Sovereign Rotating Machines, a supplier of starter motors and alternators, has launched a new returns procedure that now includes a quick response warranty diagnosis, saving valuable time and hassle for independent garages and motor factors.

It means that motor factor may now ask for three photographs of the unit, along with a brief description, for them to send away in order to validate a warranty claim.

The team of experts at Sovereign will then examine the information and diagnose the fault within one hour, providing distributors and ultimately end users with a provisional answer as to whether the unit will be accepted under Sovereign’s warranty.

Sovereign has launched this initiative following the high number of warranty claims that have no manufacturing fault found and are subsequently rejected. This, the company appreciates, can be a time consuming process and so this new quick response diagnosis provides customers with accurate and timely information.

The message to garages then is that they should no longer rely on a product being automatically replaced on returning it to their factor. The suppliers are looking to ensure garages are using best practise when to ensure the product is correctly fitted in the first place and indeed that the source of the problem has been properly investigated first.

Sovereign Rotating Machines has also published a new returns procedure for the return of warranty items, old core and new units.

Sovereign’s returns policy offers peace of mind and flexibility. For example, the UK vehicle parc has a high proportion of Chinese made cores, having been present in the marketplace for more than 10 years and so Sovereign accepts the return of these units, even without pumps and pulleys. That’s because Sovereign uses 100 percent brand new pumps and pulleys as part of its remanufacturing process.

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