Mechanics guilty of failing to offer remanufacturing

Mechanics guilty of failing to offer remanufacturing

New research and data released by one of the world’s leading automotive remanufacturers has uncovered that 89% of customers have never been offered car remanufacturing services by their mechanics.

BBA Reman also claims that 70% of UK mechanics admitted that they fail to offer their customers the correct remanufacturing services, with 20% of this number not aware it was an option.

In an initial poll of 2,538 UK drivers, respondents were asked if the last time they had a fault with an electronic element of their car, they were offered remanufacturing rather than replacement. 89% of drivers claimed that they had never been offered this service from their mechanic.

Of this number, 96% of the drivers confessed that they didn’t know remanufacturing was an option, and that they just assumed the only option with an electronic fault is a replacement. 

In the consequent poll of 1,290 UK mechanics, 70% of respondents admitted to BBA Reman that they often fail to offer their customers the option of remanufacturing. Shockingly, 19% of the mechanics confessed that they themselves were unaware so many electronic car parts can be remanufactured for much cheaper than replacing.

The results showed that drivers in Bristol were most likely to know that remanufacturing is an option for faulty electronic car parts, and least likely in London and Manchester. Furthermore, mechanics in the South of England were slightly more likely to suggest remanufacturing to customers, and least likely to in Scotland and Wales.

Chris Swan, founder of BBA Reman, said the following about the findings of the study:

“The results of our research highlight perfectly the reason we are committed to informing car owners across the world about the work we carry out here at BBA Reman.

“By choosing automotive remanufacturing over the more traditional option of replacing an electronic car part, not only can our customers save a substantial amount of money, they can also help the environment.“

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