Independent workshops urged to reach high oil standards

Independent workshops urged to reach high oil standards

Independent workshops have been urged to reach and maintain high standards despite data from a leading brand claiming that motorists still use price as their primary factor when changing their oil.

Castrol revealed that 30 per cent of drivers use price as their main yardstick when topping up their oil, but the figures also showed that quality, performance and brand recognition are still important to the consumer.

Protection for the engine and trust in the brand featured in the top three influences, registering at 41 and 38 per cent respectively – price came out on top with 50 per cent.

The research also highlights the importance of car manufacturer recommendations and the advice of sales staff.  While nine per cent of respondents rank their car manufacturer’s recommendation and advice from sales staff as their most important selection criteria, almost a quarter of motorists – 24 per cent – placed each of these in their top three.

Castrol believes that the continued emphasis on price reflects consumers’ pragmatism during tough economic times, though, it is clear that drivers are not willing to sacrifice quality. Marc Perkins, Castrol Independent Workshop Marketing Manager for UK & Ireland, said whilst price remains important to motorists, it was vital for workshops to focus on quality.

“While price remains the single most important factor for drivers when they take their car to the workshop for an oil change, workshops should be aiming to provide the best ‘value for money’.  A large proportion of motorists still look for high quality oil that will give them the best balance between price and engine protection,” he said.

“Independent workshops can improve lubricant profitability by upselling premium oil to customers, as these typically generate greater profit from every litre sold.”

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