IGA launch initiative to help boost garage businesses

IGA launch initiative to help boost garage businesses

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is to launch a three-month pilot scheme for a ‘business health check’ service to help independent garages establish what business opportunities they are missing out on.

Members will be invited to apply on a first come, first served basis for the scheme, which will launch in the first quarter of 2014. It will see an experienced business consultant spending the day in the garage and observing their current business practices.

They will then provide a detailed report on the improvements that could be made in areas, such as marketing and promotion and winning new business.  If the pilot is successful, IGA will look at options for rolling out the scheme as a national programme.

Stuart James, IGA Director, said: “IGA members have recently voiced an interest in a business health check service. Although the IGA haven’t previously offered anything like this, we constantly strive to offer a range of benefits that meet our members’ needs.

“The IGA is committed to ensuring that all its members are taking full advantage of the tools they have to ensure their businesses are successful. This is why we made the decision to offer this new service. We can now ensure that members have the tools to promote their businesses to the best of their ability.”

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