Autoglym – Professional detergent range

Autoglym – Professional detergent range

Autoglym has launched a new Professional detergent range for its trade customers, which features High-performing Advanced Traffic Film Remover (TFR), revised Multiwash and Clean All products.

The company is determined to ensure that its products meet their exacting requirements through the launch. Advanced TFR combines high foam, an easy rinse and outstanding cleaning power to provide the ultimate clean.

It is safe to use on most surfaces and features glossing agents to add shine and brightness to bodywork. Advanced TFR is available in Super and Regular strengths, while the Lemon Soda fragrance means it is pleasant to use.

As a versatile detergent for all exterior surfaces, it is ideal for the valeting and detailing market, as well as hand car washes, dealerships and fleet use, particularly for enhancing dull or dirty livery.

Autoglym has also refreshed its Multiwash formulation, the safest multi-purpose detergent in the range, with a Lime and Peppermint fragrance. This is in addition to Clean All, its strongest multi-purpose detergent with a Green Zest fragrance.

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