Gates launches latest technical webinar

Gates launches latest technical webinar

Gates has announced it will be broadcasting a technical webinar, which will specifically address accessory drive solutions.   

The webinar on “Accessory Belt Drives Systems (ABDS) – Gates Micro-V Belts, Gates Drivealign Tensioners and Pulleys”  will take place on Friday, May 28 at 10.30AM – London GMT+0 and last approximatively 45 min. 

The auxiliary belt, tensioner, idler and pulleys inside the accessory belt drive system work together, to provide the drive for systems such as the power steering, alternator, air conditioning and, sometimes, the cooling system via the water pump.

At the heart of the system is the belt, which is regarded as a critical component. It drives many different components that the failure of even one could reportedly lead to unsafe situations. Once an engine is running, the belt operates continuously. High under-bonnet temperatures plus constant flexing can ultimately take their toll and over time even the best belt will reportedly wear and need replacement.

But the other belt drive components don’t last forever either. Belt tensioners, idlers, torsional vibration dampers and overrunning alternator pulleys are wear parts, not “hard parts”, as many technicians are said to believe. The wear of these components affects the belt’s and, subsequently, the complete system’s performance.

During the May webinar, a Gates technical expert will give an overview of this ABDS system, share knowledge and experience about the Gates Micro-V belt range as well as the Gates Drivealign tensioners and pulleys, and explain how to identify a worn Micro-V belt, which are typical accessory drive failures.

To sign up for the webinar, click here.

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