EV charging strategy set out for Wales

EV charging strategy set out for Wales

A Welsh Government Consultation has been seeking to gather views on the draft strategy for electric vehicle (EV) charging in Wales.

This has now been responded to by the Federation of Small Business (FSB), which has been lobbying on behalf of the small business owners of Wales.

The strategy sets out where Wales is in providing electric vehicle charging, the changing needs for the decade, and how they can be met.

Dr Llŷr ap Gareth, Head of Policy for Wales FSB, has written the response considering the needs of the many small businesses of Wales, from rural areas to urban environments.

Llŷr has been working with Hayley Pells, newly appointed to the Wales Policy Unit of the FSB to create the document, using her automotive industry insight in addition to the wealth of knowledge the FSB has regarding the needs of small business in Wales.

Hayley commented: “There is a risk that small business can be left out of the EV ecosystem, whereas larger organisations may have greater resources to include this new technology into their environments, I am incredibly happy to assist the FSB with their efforts in this, especially as they have been instrumental in the growth of my own small business.”

Llŷr added: “For businesses to move to electric vehicle stock, it’s important that appropriate infrastructure supports their needs and so it’s likewise important that those needs are heard in this strategy.”

Opening on the 2nd December 2020, the draft Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging strategy for Wales closes for responses on 24th February 2020.

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