eBay celebrates success on Green Parts platform

eBay celebrates success on Green Parts platform

eBay for Business has announced it is celebrating signing up 100 recyclers to its Green Parts platform, described as the UK’s largest online aggregator of recycled car parts from independently certified sellers.

eBay Green Parts for Business was launched at the end of 2021, with the aim of encouraging the automotive industry and consumers to embrace the use of recycled parts when it comes to vehicle repair. 

Laura Richards, Senior Business Development Manager, Vehicle Parts & Accessories at eBay, explained: “When we developed the Green Parts for Business platform, we wanted to set a professional standard for all our automotive recyclers. We worked with the Vehicle Recycling Association (VRA) to establish a certification scheme, and we are delighted to now have 100 officially verified recyclers on our roster – it means all users of the platform can buy and sell green OE automotive parts with peace of mind they are getting quality products.”

Laura continued: “The biggest business benefit for both garage and customer is the overall cost. Quality combined with lower cost is a win for repairers. Another huge advantage of purchasing green parts is that they are ready to send to the buyer, reducing key-to-key times, so customers can get their cars back on the road quicker. And of course, there are the environmental benefits – research estimates that if all insurance demand had been filled by recycled parts in 2019 nearly 47,000 tonnes of carbon emissions could have been saved.”

One of eBay’s certified recyclers is ASM Auto Salvage. Chris Morgan, Director, commented: “The eBay Green Parts for Business platform has had a significantly positive impact on our business. From a sustainability point of view, it’s great to be part of such a professional selling platform that encourages such high standards for green parts. As an aggregated site, it also gives us a bigger shop window and a lot more access to a lot more customers, which is obviously a business win for us as well. We’ve worked with eBay for Business since the creation of this platform, and we’re really proud of the partnership.”

To find out more about eBay Green Parts for Business, visit www.ebayforbusiness.co.uk.

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