BREAKING NEWS: Second supplier comes forward with Klarius Type Approval claims

BREAKING NEWS: Second supplier comes forward with Klarius Type Approval claims

In a further development to the ‘is it/isn’t it’ Type Approval saga surrounding Klarius (full story here), a second well-known supplier has now come forward – this time with claims that the company has incorrectly used its Type Approval numbers on a product recently purchased from an aftermarket distributor.

Received earlier this week, the statement from AS (Spain’s largest manufacturer of direct fit catalytic converters) says:

Over the past few weeks, AS has obtained a sample of a Klarius catalytic converter (ref 321782), sourced through a Klarius UK distributor, which is stamped with an AS Type Approval number, for the Klarius brand, but which has not been manufactured or supplied by AS.

AS was a historic supplier to Klarius UK Ltd until October 2011 and had only ever supplied them with finished parts manufactured by AS; these parts were only manufactured at its factory in Spain. It should be noted that AS only supplied up to 16 of this reference at any stage.

AS has never licensed or agreed for Klarius Products Ltd to assemble this part and the Type Approval Certificate was only applicable to those parts supplied prior to October 2011 and in the AS factory facility manufactured by AS themselves, and only in Spain.

This part date stamped and manufactured in 2014 by Klarius Products Ltd, and sourced through a Klarius UK distributor, is a 100% ‘fake’ (of the) AS product and the AS homologation number.

AS would like to inform the market that any part stamped with an AS approval number, for its own brand or for others, but not manufactured by AS, is not Type Approved and should therefore not be sold as a Type Approved part.

AS urges customers of Klarius to assist them and the market by ceasing to sell any of these parts.

AS would also like to add that further samples have been sourced for inspection and that this information will be passed to the relevant authorities both in Continental Europe and the UK.” 

Klarius had  responded to similar claims from US-owned ECT by stating that: “All Klarius distributors, resellers, garages and end customers can be totally confident that every Klarius product is made to exacting quality standards and meets regulatory requirements. There is no issue with any item previously sold or currently held in-stock. The entire Klarius range of cats available today is certified, Type Approved and fully legal to sell and use.”

We’ll have further updates on the story as they’re made available.

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