Automotive industry to receive ‘female touch’

Automotive industry to receive ‘female touch’

A marketing consultancy website, which aims to help motor industry companies become female employers of choice, has been launched.

Steph Savill (pictured) is offering specialist consultancy services to make companies more attractive to females as staff recruits and customers, as well as improve financial results. The key reasons in offering this service is because women now represent 40% of all UK motorists, and it is argued that women have yet to fulfil the potential of STEM qualifications held.

According to Savill, the motor industry is neglecting the most talented student recruits, and dealerships are running the risk of losing car sales to online competitors due to patronising attitudes towards women on overly-male showroom floors.

She said: “We know most leading businesses work hard to be good employers and carry out satisfaction surveys to check all is well for their customers, but they are often missing a trick if they treat men and women the same.

“Yes women are equal, but we’re also different from men. We have different needs as customers, we can add a new dimension to boardroom decisions and we can make car showrooms and workshops much more welcoming places for all.”

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