Why is regular vehicle maintenance important?

Why is regular vehicle maintenance important?

Wynn’s discusses the importance of regular vehicle maintenance and provides some suggestions on how you can ensure customers’ cars work as efficiently as they can.

The most common operation in a garage is maintenance. Good maintenance work is essential to:

  • Extend the life of vehicles.
  • Avoid costly repairs due to wear and tear and contamination of parts such as EGR valves, particle filters, injectors, combustion chamber, turbo, etc.

Reasons for engine pollution

Vehicle pollution is unavoidable, although it is possible to extend the life of vehicles with maintenance work.

Fuel quality:

Today’s fuels do not come entirely from petroleum. Their formula is a blend of biofuels to make our vehicles more environmentally friendly. However, they also generate more waste and deposits that over time reduce performance and cause costly car breakdowns.

Anti-pollution systems:

The various anti-pollution regulations set by the EU have meant installing complex systems such as EGR valves, particulate filters, catalytic converters, and, more recently, the SCR system. Such systems reduce environmental pollution in exchange for retaining it inside the vehicles.

Driving styles:

Frequent city driving on short journeys, with engines that do not reach the correct temperatures, frequent accelerating and braking, and low engine speed driving accelerate internal pollution and engine wear.

Wynn's urges regular vehicle maintenance

The solutions to eliminate contamination

The maintenance recommended by car manufacturers – oil and filter changes – can, Wynn’s argues, lead to dissatisfaction on the part of drivers because the engine generally does not show better performance after maintenance. Even if the driver decides to check the oil level after the change, he would see that the sample would come out black, just like the old oil. With this in mind, the manufacturer argues that the use of additives during routine maintenance may reverse this view. Additives restore the original performance of vehicles and thus avoid costly repairs. Wynn’s recommends using Wynn’s Total Action Treatment Diesel for diesel engines and Wynn’s Total Action Treatment for petrol engines. Also, use an Oil System Cleaner to clean the internal engine before adding the new oil.

Potential benefits from engine additives:

Cleans the injectors Restoring the injector spray patterns allows better fuel delivery.

Cleans the combustion chamber Removing deposits from the piston crown, increasing cylinder volume, and improving combustion efficiency.

Reduces clogging of the EGR Cleaning the fuel system and restoring combustion efficiency reducing egr deposits.

Cleans the turbo Additives active after combustion, allowing cleaning of the turbo variable vanes and turbo wastegate.

Cleans the cat/DPF Additives active after combustion, cleaning the Catalytic Converter and Gasoline Particulate Filter and aiding regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter

Wynn's urges regular vehicle maintenance

Potential benefits from using an oil system cleaner:

Remove deposits and lacquer from the oil system.

Restore cylinder compression restoring vehicle performance.

Allow the new oil to do the job it is designed to do.

Protect engine components and reduce wear.

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