Kalimex discusses the demand for diesel vehicles

Kalimex discusses the demand for diesel vehicles

Mike Schlup, managing director of Kalimex, UK distributor of JLM Lubricants, argues that the rumours of the death of the diesel engine have been greatly exaggerated.

The initial fanfare for electric vehicles has dampened with recent automotive surveys pointing to motorists not looking to switch to EVs for many reasons; not least range anxiety, the cost of EVs and the rising cost of living. In fact, motorists are not replacing their vehicles full stop. A recent survey by Cazoo found that 8 out of 10 motorists plan on keeping their car for longer. Added to this is the fact that second-hand ICE cars will be unaffected by the 2035 ban, and you can see why the second-hand market will remain buoyant with well-maintained vehicles in demand.

It points to the trusty workhorse – the hallmark of a diesel vehicle – being in big demand long after the 2035 deadline. Existing owners will want to keep theirs in good repair for longer while the second-hand searcher will be keen to grab a good diesel deal before stocks really do run dry.

What part does the independent technician play in all of this?

The independent professional motor mechanic plays a crucial part in maintaining the health of a diesel vehicle especially the DPF because we know from case studies of DPF specialists across the globe that the technician holds the keys. Motorists are only aware of the DPF on their vehicle when the warning light comes on.

But today’s technician has to keep repair bills reasonable given the reluctance for vehicle servicing. Take a blocked DPF for example. Dismounting it for off car cleaning or replacement is time consuming which all adds to the final bill. But quality additives inject chemicals into the DPF directly, breaking down the soot without the need to expose the DPF to the potentially damaging high temperatures of a forced regeneration. Fewer technician hours, smaller bill, great result.

Kalimex discusses the demand for diesel vehicles

JLM Lubricants supply a range of trade tested and trusted DPF products used in over 45 countries from the UK to Australia, the Netherlands and America. This includes a pro-only toolkit that will clean the most badly blocked DPF without dismantling it. Some products can be sold to the customer so they can play their part in keeping the DPF in good condition between workshop visits. It’s a win for everyone. The technician uses tools and products that reduce workshop time, and they build an additional revenue stream promoting best of breed DPF products to their customers.

JLM Lubricants DPF products for your workshop

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

  • Contains a high percentage of active ingredients including Cerium and Platinum which works at lower temperatures. Cerium also has environmental benefits because it produces lower emissions than iron, including dangerous emissions (Cerium and Platinum help extend the life of the DPF core by helping carbon deposits in the DPF to burn off at a lower temperature around 400°C compared to iron-based formulas which artificially elevate the DPF temperature and produce more ash deposits.)
  • Cleans the soot filter and reduces air polluting particulate matter hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and soot emissions.
  • Reduces soot and fine dust emissions by up to 25 per cent.
  • Significantly reduces likelihood of clogging and increases DPF service life.
  • Use at first DPF warning light.

DPF Cleaning Toolkit

  • On vehicle systems for technicians only.
  • Cleans and restores very dirty/blocked DPFs without removal.
  • Use with the DPF Cleaning Fluid and the DPF Flush Fluid pack.
  • Saves time and increases the number of DPF cleans in a working day.

DPF Regen Plus

  • Ideal for servicing low mileage vehicles in between workshop visits.
  • Fuel additive designed to support the regeneration process of DPFs.
  • Regular use results in better DPF regeneration and a more complete oxidation of soot, improving DPF performance and reducing power loss.
  • Cerium base which is effective at a lower dosage than iron. When Cerium is burned, it produces less ash than iron which helps extend the life of the filter.

Kalimex discusses the demand for diesel vehicles

DPF Refill Fluid

  • Premium trade product, competitively priced.
  • Use as an alternative for all currently known manufacturers’ original parts numbers.
  • One bottle gives up to 70,000 miles protection.
  • Exchangeable fitments for different tanks.
  • Recent laboratory testing of DPF Refill Fluids proved that the JLM product contains the highest percentage of active ingredients. Cheaper fluids contained little or zero. Regular use of cheap products can cause thermal damage to the DPF core.

Thousands of technicians worldwide trust the JLM Lubricants’ DPF range of products for cleaning, maintenance, and servicing. They are in sync with the growing trend of repair over replace and products over parts. With an increased focus globally on the circular economy and sustainability, top tier additives such as these will deliver for the workshop, the motorist and the environment.

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