Why was the Ford EcoSport’s fuel filter leaking?

Why was the Ford EcoSport’s fuel filter leaking?

Autodata reassures a garage dealing with a repeat offender.

The problem:

“We recently had a 2014 Ford EcoSport 1.5 petrol in for a service and the customer mentioned that there is a strong odour of fuel coming from the car. After an inspection of the car we could see traces of petrol from the fuel filter and this was replaced. The vehicle was OK for a while, but has now returned to the workshop with a fuel leak in the same area as before. Do you know of any reason why this fault has reoccurred?”

What does Autodata recommend?

I have consulted with my colleagues on this issue and they do remember a previous report. The issue you have described affects all EcoSport models with 1.0/1.5 petrol engines produced up to 08/17. The fuel leak is caused by the fuel filter chafing through on a sharp burr on the fuel filter mounting bracket. To remedy the leak, fit a new fuel filter and fuel filter mounting bracket. This should prevent the leak from reoccurring.

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