Garages urged to consider A/C kits for classic cars

Garages urged to consider A/C kits for classic cars

Clayton Classics has urged garages to explore air conditioning (A/C) kits for classic cars, amid a booming luxury aftermarket scene.

Data obtained by the classic car restoration specialists, revealed the global luxury automotive aftermarket is projected to grow year-on-year by 8% from 2024 to 2031 with demand for customisation, enhanced performance and high-end upgrades being credited for the increase.

Clayton Classics has also seen an increased demand in the run up to summer due to Britain’s variable weather, with the Met Office announcing spring 2024 as one of the hottest, and wettest, on record.

These growing trends reportedly present an opportunity for garages to tap into this wave by offering premium A/C kits to classic car owners and restorers, ensuring they do not face another summer of uncomfortably hot cabins or misted windows due to inadequate, or non-existent, HVAC systems.

A/C kits offer a new revenue stream for garages, with Clayton’s systems allowing businesses to offer a system which has been tested worldwide, in all climates. Crafted using original parts and tooling, the kits deliver fast temperature reduction, akin to modern systems. Plus, as a benefit for owners, they are designed so they are in-keeping with the style and era of each vehicle, but can also be reversed back to original condition if needed for resale.

The kits can be bought and installed by workshops, with installation guidance where needed from Clayton Classics for specific models.

Dean Allsop, Director at Clayton Classics, commented: “Many classic cars lack A/C systems, or have outdated ones that can’t stand up to modern counterparts. With temperatures on the rise, these vehicles risk becoming unusable in certain weathers. Introducing tailor-made A/C systems for classics opens up an untapped market for motor garages.

“Some owners who hold originality above everything else are reluctant to make changes to their classics, but garages can be that trusted advisor to encourage people to look at the options and see if there is a system for them – you’d be surprised what might be possible, with systems that can be made to look completely in-keeping with the vehicle’s history, and even removed without a trace at a later date if needed for resale.

“It’s not just about revenue for the aftermarket; it’s about meeting the unique needs of classic car enthusiasts and expanding your customer base.”

To see a full list of compatible vehicles for Clayton Classics A/C range, click here.

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