Varta announces new battery e-learning modules

Varta announces new battery e-learning modules

The Varta team has announced a new suite of battery e-learning modules now live in the battery specialist’s online Partner Portal, designed to complement the company’s more traditional face-to-face-training.

According to Varta, its goal is to always provide the best user experience during its training – both online and offline. “Our E-Learning offerings are aimed at everyone who deals with batteries in their daily business”, says Ulrich Germann, training and technical support manager at the Varta Training Academy. “We want technicians and sales advisors, wholesalers and retailers to be able to understand the new technologies and today’s complex vehicles. We want to share our profound knowledge in a user-centric approach so that our customers can be successful in their daily business.”


The first technology advancements around the battery came with the introduction of start-stop systems. Since then, fuel-saving functions have gone far beyond simply switching off the engine at traffic lights; many standard features are not even noticeable by the driver. For workshops to be able to repair these complex systems in the future, Varta will continually update the training modules to ensure technicians are prepared. In addition to general topics such as “Warehousing and Storage” or the “Varta brand and USPs”, there is also more in-depth technical material such as “Vibration Resistance” or “Deep Cycling Capabilities”.

Varta announces new battery e-learning modules

And the next technological leap is already underway, as the role of the traditional 12V battery is more important than ever for hybrid and even pure electric vehicles. Additionally, with the latest developments in EFB and AGM batteries for heavy commercial vehicles, the technological landscape has become as complex as that of passenger cars, so well-educated employees become more and more important for a successful business.

After a successful launch, a new series on the topic of drivetrain electrification and the role of the 12V battery in electric vehicles is ready for learners in the portal. The new modules focus on differing types of vehicle technology available in the market, and the role of the 12V battery for each of these. VARTA E-Learning courses are currently available within the

VARTA Partner Portal. Registered users get access to a complete offering of digital trainings on: 

  1. basic battery knowledge 
  2. advanced passenger cars including modules on hybrids and EVs 
  3. heavy commercial vehicles

Simply login and click the ‘menu’ in the top left of the screen, then you have free and unlimited access to the VARTA E-Learning.

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