Topdon outlines the role of diagnostics machines

Topdon outlines the role of diagnostics machines

What role do diagnostics machines play in the modern workshop? Diagnostic specialists Topdon are here to answer.

For most garages, aftermarket diagnostics tools, such as the range offered by Topdon UK, are an essential part of any workshop. With vehicles becoming more and more complex as the days go on, diagnostics jobs are only becoming more complicated.

OEM diagnostics tools are of course a fantastic route to look at, but they’re not always a financially viable option, especially for independent workshops! This is where aftermarket tools are needed to step up and perform a lot of the diagnostic functions for the technician.

Tools for success

From basic vehicle scanning and service functions to complete module replacements, technicians need a tool they can rely on, and more importantly, product support from the manufacturer to match. More and more garages are having to change the way in which work is carried out due to the technological advancements made by the vehicle manufacturers. The Topdon Phoenix range of diagnostics is said to offer a massive array of features from general diagnostics, yopology views for many vehicles but also cloud based programming and coding for more than 10 vehicle brands.

Jack Davis, national sales director, said “I believe any independent repairer should have a minimum of three different aftermarket diagnostic solutions. There is of course no tool that will do it all, but if we can help the trade by providing one of those top three, then we have achieved something!”

Accompanying tools that customers already have will only benefit by adding a Topdon to the garage’s arsenal of diagnostics tools, and independents will find them working together in harmony. With the Phoenix range, there is something within every garage’s budget, whether it be a smaller unit or all the way up to the top end.

Programming and coding is now becoming more common in the industry with vehicles being decked out with technology, this is something that garages need to be prepared and equipped for if they wish to keep the work in house and not send the jobs back into the hands of the local dealerships. The majority of the Phoenix range offers this capability on a number of common vehicle brands, all included within the standard passenger vehicle subscription.

Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics has become, very quickly, an essential for a wide part of the trade now. This is still an unknown field for many but can certainly be a real life saver in certain scenarios. Remote diagnostic platforms allow a remote technician to communicate and complete complex diagnostic tasks to the vehicle in your workshop via the internet. Allowing use for any OBD diagnostic interface at the technicians’ disposal to successfully complete jobs without the need to remove the vehicle from your workshop!

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