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PMM takes a trip down memory lane with Chicago Pneumatic.

Chicago Pneumatic is a company that can trace its roots back to 1889, and the automotive aftermarket is one of many industries to benefit from the vast range of products that the company has developed over the years. Back in 1904, CP expanded into offices in England, Canada, and Germany, reflecting the company’s growth and to accommodate new lines of products, such as air tools.

In 1911, CP began production on a gasoline-driven CPT car and the ‘Little Giant’ trucks. Customers of the trucks included Coca-Cola Co., Standard Oil Co., and the St. Louis Cardinals.

In 1939, the company claims to have designed and manufactured the world’s first impact wrench, and in 1969 it introduced the world’s first speed ratchet – CP728 – to the Ford Motor Company.

CP’s torque impact wrenches were introduced into the automotive market in the 1970s, followed by a flurry of new products in the late 1980s, including screwdrivers, assembly tools and new ratchet wrenches. In 1990, the established brand won a silver award from the AMA with its ‘23 parts’ advertising campaign. The advertisement portrayed how over 250 light assembly tools could be made from only 23 interchangeable component parts.

2007 marked the inauguration of the manufacturer’s ‘Technology Centre’ in Nantes, and in 2010, a new global design, highlighting the now familiar brand colours red and black, was adopted.

The company shows no sign of slowing down, as evidenced by its Rock Hill location (USA). The space spans 12,000 square feet, and features tools for numerous industries, from industrial to the commercial vehicle sector.

Today, CP has a truly global reach, with locally trained distributors around the world. The company says its people start every single day with a passion to research, develop, manufacture and deliver new products aimed to meet customer needs. The latest tools, released in 2017, include the CP7762 3⁄4”, which the company claims is the first ‘true’ 3⁄4” Stubby’.

The ultra lightweight 3⁄4” Stubby Impact Wrench measures just 158.7mm in length and weighs just 3kg. Said to be small but powerful, the CP7762 is equipped with a rugged steel motor that delivers a powerful 1420Nm in reverse for high productivity. Featuring a twin hammer action and an aluminium housing, the CP7762 can deliver optimum performance in the toughest operating environments.

According to CP, operator comfort is an integral part of this new stubby impact wrench’s design. This is evident in the fact that the CP7762 is a well-balanced tool and features an ergonomic P-handle with full teasing trigger. The controls are designed and positioned for ease of use and include a one hand forward and reverse speed regulator button as well as a side-to- side forward and reverse system. This new style product will be the envy of any automotive technician and will prove as popular as the CP7732 1⁄2” Stubby, asserts the company.

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